Update 2021 : The JC-3s tuner is not in production at this moment.

We will investigate if it is possible to start producing it after we finish the automatic production line of JC-4s



1: This tuner tunes almost everything. On the low bands your wire should be a little longer for better performance

2: Super performance due to smaller capacitors steps.(9pF)

3: 3,5 - 52 Mhz. ( 160 meter possible with long wires but not supported)

4: Direct control from most models of Icom and Kenwood

5: This tuner you can use on any radio with the control box (included)

6: Extremely good performance for mobile operation of small balcony antennas.

7: 50 EEprom memories (so no battery inside)

8: Also extremely useful for mobile and portable HF operations


Circuit type

reversible L or Π

Input capacitance step (coaxial side)


Output capacitance step   (antenna side)


Inductance step


Total capacitance


Total inductance



18 x G2R-1 10A/250V   (12V)

Operating frequencies

to 52 ΜΗΖ

Maximum power for antennas > 15μ.

200W SSB   ( 50W AM )

Minimum antenna length for 200 W SSB

10M. è 3 to 50 ΜΗΖ      

Minimum antenna length for 50 W ΑΜ

10M. è6to 50 ΜΗΖ)

Recommended tuning power

10 – 20 W (carrier)

Typical tuning time

1 – 3 sec.

Maximum tuning time

6 sec.

Supply voltage limits

12.5 – 16 V

Maximum supply current

0.7 A

Typical VSWR (tuner input )

< 1.1 : 1

Maximum VSWR (tuner input)

< 1.9 : 1


Static discharge



19 x 10.5 x 9.5 cm



What will you get if you order :

JC-3s, Small control Box, 4 pin connector, Manual and good packing.

 JC-3 complete 0

JC-3 complete 1

JC-3 complete 2

JC-3 complete 3

JC-3 control box complete 1

jc-3 downboard1

jc-3 downboardw

jc-3 inside complete 1

jc-3 inside complete 2

JC-3 inside complete 3

JC-3 inside complete 4

JC-3 inside control box 1

To connect any radio you can use this controller (included with every tuner) For the most Kenwood and Icom types this controller is not needed for normal use.  You can also see how simple it is to start the tuning process or to switch the memory use on and off. On purpose we provide a very cheap control box. You can change to any design you like.

Heredown we show an example of a Kenwood tuner connection on the back of a TS-590. With this connector connected directly to the outside tuner you do not need to use the provided control box like the picture here above.




Example: a home made dipole with end loads 2 x 2,5 meters long, 2 meter from the ground : It tunes from 3,5 Mhz until 50 MHz !

6 IMG 2096

Example of testting a mobile whip on a Balcony. This whipe is just 1,5 meter high.

It tunes easy from 3,5 Mhz - 29 Mhz (tested) Of cours the performance on the lower bands is limited but if you have

limited possibilities this is also a great solution, (In the back you can see an element of a A3S beam)

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