JC-5s Automatic Antenna Tuner. 4Kwatt PEP

Update 2021 : The JC-5 is at the moment not in production! 

As soon as we have the automatic production line for JC-4s we will investigate if it is 

possible to start production again. You can send us an email if you are interested 

so we know what the demand of the market is.



jc-5 topview open

JC-5s  was designed to cover the needs of high power professional use and increased reliability.  So, materials of the best in market were used, despite the high cost of some of them, due to their limited production!  At the pictures  you can take a look at the inside of the coupler. In the photos we can see mounted in a row the vacuum relays, by which the high voltage doorknob ceramic capacitors are selected.  We can also see the high voltage copper wiring above the p.c. board.  The reason we did not construct the high voltage paths on the board is that we don’t consider the p.c. board reliable enough for withstanding voltages of the order of 8 KV that may appear at the output of the coupler when λ/2 or short vertical antennas are used! 

jc-5 case closed2

Independent Capacitor input and output blocks

3mm Coil wires 

Dipped silver Mica Capacitors on the input circuit

Ceramic doorknob capacitors on the output

10 x  relays (8Kvolt) & 19 x schrack or Omron relais

4 kWatt SSB, CW (exept 1/2 wave antenna lenghts)

"tuned" start up in the last position

50 memory positions without a battery

Protection from static discharge while operation

Internal 12 volt 1,6 amp fuse


Circuit type

L  or  Π

Input capacitance step


Output capacitance step


Inductance step


Total input capacitance

3200 pf             DIPPED SILVER MICA    

Total output capacitance

1600 pf         DOORKNOB CERAMIC  7.5 KV

Total inductance

40μΗ    (3 mm  WIRE) 

Used  input relays                       (RX114012C)

19 x SCHRACK or Omron    (1KV withstanding voltage)

Used output relays     (GR6JNB218 - FRD12021)

10 x like GIGAVAC      (8KV withstanding voltage)

Operating frequencies

1.8to  30 ΜΗΖ

Maximum power for 25 meters antenna


ATMEL controller

ΑΤ89C4051 -  24P

Communication with RELAYS and memories


Maximum tuning power


Typical tuning time

1 – 4 sec.

Maximum tuning time

Memory tune time

6 sec.

0.02 sec

D.C. supply voltage

12 – 16 V

Maximum supply current


Typical  VSWR  ( in the tuner input )

1.1 : 1

Maximum  VSWR  (in the tuner input)

<  2.0 : 1


Static discharge  (NOT FOR THUNDER FALL!)

Dimensions  ( without metal holder )



39.5 x 31 x 13.5 cm

5 Kg


What will you get if you order:

JC-5s, control Box, 2 pieces 4 pin connector, Manual and good packing.


You can also control the tuner with this control box. It is a very easily design so you can easy reproduce it to your own demand. You can also control it directly from many Kenwood and Icom transmitters

 jc-5 complete inside top1

 jc-5 coils

jc-5 coils1

jc-5 coils2

jc-5 coils3

jc-5 downboard1

jc-5 downboard2

jc-5 downboard3

jc-5 downcase

jc-5 inside1

jc-5 inside2

jc-5 inside3

jc-5 shielded case topboard

jc-5 top1

jc-5 top2

jc-5 closed case1

jc-5 topview open

jc5 box open

1 jc-5 box closed

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